About us

Life is a series of adventures just waiting for you to explore.

Traveling the world has been a lifelong dream that usually takes a lifetime to accomplish. Many people do not ever get such a chance. However, we have found that the best way to reach this goal, is to take a big chance. A really big chance.

Give up everything

It is a daunting notion to say the least. Give up the house, the jobs, the comforts of home and family nearby, and just go. It’s a fantasy many people have when frustrated with their job or just their circumstances in general. But who in their right minds would decide to do this not just freely, but gleefully?


We are a couple who thrive on crazy. We have only been together a short while and gave up a lot just to be together, and we haven’t looked back since. Our path is ever forwards and constantly changing, but it is amazing the things you will find when you take a step off the beaten path and wander.

Most of this blog will be written by me, Kelsey. As such, it will be different than the tone set by Brandon, my other half. Brandon is the experienced traveler, he has traveled since a young age. Boy Scouts, trips after high school, and travel for work have given him an opportunity to see a lot of the World before we ever crossed paths.

I, on the other hand, barely travelled outside of the state I lived in since childhood. I could count the different states and countries on a single hand. There were even places in my own state I had never been to that left him flabbergasted.

Since we met, and he took my hand and led me on adventure after adventure. Now, we want to share our adventures with you.